In 1989 Anna makes her cinema debut playing the strong and feisty female bandit in “O Re” directed by Gigi Magni with Giancarlo Giannini and Ornella Muti. That same year Anna plays the character of Sister Ilaria, a 16th century nun painter, in the TV series “A Season of Giants” directed by Jerry London and aired on Italian national TV RAI 1. Still in 1989 Anna plays Elisa in Molière’s “The Miser” (L’Avaro) a movie directed by Tonino Cervi with Alberto Sordi.


Works in three international television co-productions: “Young Caterine”, a biography of Catherine the Great, in the role of the cruel and messalinian Countess Voronzov. Directed by Micheal Anderson and casting Vanessa Redgrave, Cristofer Plummer and Julia Ormond. “Money”. A Canadian production directed by Steven Stern. Alongside actor Eric Strolz Anna plays the part of a high flying lawyer in the world of high finance. “Ocean”, directed by Ruggero Deodato, is the unhappy saga in nine episodes of a family of fishermen. Anna plays the young widow of a drowned fisherman. The cast includes Irene Papas and Mario Adolf.


“La Princess Alexandra” an international television co-production directed by Denis Amar, in the role of the young and sensitive tutor who with courage and self sacrifice helps Alexandra the Great flee from a paranoid and bloodthirsty husband. “L’uomo esterno” an italo-american mafia film made for television and directed by Romolo Guerrieri. Anna plays Maria, the wife of a judge who gets murdered. In 1991 Anna Kanakis gets her first major film role in “Riflessi in un cielo scuro” directed by Salvatore Maira. The plot explores the complex relationship between drug addict Kim, played by Anna, and Valeria, a middle aged alcoholic superbly played by French actress Francois Fabian. Awards: For her role in “Riflessi in un cielo scuro” Anna Kanakis won the “Best Actress” award at the International Film Festival of Valencia and received a “Special Mention” at the Viareggio Film Festival.


Anna’s second major movie role is Sophie in the French film “Coma” directed by Denys Granier-Deferre. The mysterious and enigmatic Sophie involves Denis, played by French actor Richard Anconina, in a murky relationship.


Outstanding performance in the renowned international television series “La famiglia Ricordi” directed by Mauro Bolognini. In the role of Maria Malibran, the greatest opera singer of 1800, Anna’s voice during the opera scenes is dubbed by that of Maria Callas. The cast includes Alessandro Gassman, Luca Barbareschi, Kim Rossi Stuart, Angela Molina.


Anna receives major parts in two films for television. In “la tenda nera” directed by Luciano Mannuzzi Anna plays a refined yet worrying upper class lady in rural Emilia Romagna suspected of involvement in murders conducted by a satanic sect. The other main actors are Luca Barbareschi and Valeria Cavalli. In “Maresciallo Rocca” directed by Giorgio Capitani and Lodovico Gasperini Anna plays Elena Curti, the leader of a gang of criminals, and acts in high risk action scenes. Other main actors are Gigi Proietti and Stefania Sandrelli.


1996 marks Anna Kanakis’ theater debut in “Donne di piacere” by Barbara Alberti, directed by Antonello Aglioti. The proceeds of the show were devolved to charity. Other main actors were Marisa Barensen, Franca Rame, Corinne Clery, Hether Parisi.


“Fine Secolo” six episodes directed by Gianni Lepre run on Italian national television RAI DUE. Anna is cast in the main role of criminologist “Giulia Cairo” together with Fabrizio Contri. The cast includes Arnoldo Foà, Sergio Fantoni, Lino Capolicchio.


“Una sola debole voce” two episodes, produced by Sandro Parenzo’s Videa and directed by Gianluigi Calderone, for Italian national television RAI DUE. Anna plays the main role of Angelica, the other main actress is Licia Maglietta and the cast includes Contri, Pappalardo, Urbano Barberini, Toni Sperandeo Junior.


“Vento di ponente” Season 1. The first 13 episodes of the highly successful television series shown on national television RAI DUE, directed by Gianni Lepre and Alberto Manni. Anna plays the part of Paola Ghiglione, a strong and temperamental shipping magnate.


“Vento di ponente” Season 2. The second 18 episodes directed by Alberto Manni and Fabrizio Giordani with the same cast as Season 1.


Anna plays the fascinating and seductive Gene in the film for television “O la và o la spacca” in 4 parts with Ezio Greggio and directed by Francesco Massaro.


Anna Kanakis plays the part of Pontio Pilate’s wife Claudia Procula in the international co-production “The Inquiry” produced by Fulvio Lucisano and directed by Giulio Base. The production features an international cast of actors the caliber of Murray Abraham, Max von Sydow, Dolf Lundgren, Ornella Muti, Daniele Liotti, Monica Cruz and Hristo Shopov. Claudia Procula has a very intense, sorrowful and multifaceted personality. A tremendously challenging role.


“La Terza Verità” directed by Stefano Reali, produced by Albatross S.r.l. for Rai Fiction. Anna Kanakis plays the role of Claudia Giansanti, wife of the famous oncology specialist Dr. Giansanti. The other protagonists are Bianca Guaccero and Enzo De Caro. The fiction speaks about the thorny theme of the influence of mass media on the development and the evolution of current events.