In the memorable year of 1962, I was born in Messina, Sicily, in a house kissed by the sun and lapped by the sea. My father was Greek and my mother was from Messina. I remember my childhood with tenderness, I was a little curly-haired girl with my face always immersed in a book. I used to devour so many books and so fly in different worlds with my imagination. Today traveling is a big passion for me. One night, when I was only fifteen, I was going wild on a dance floor in Vulcano Island where I was on holiday with my mother and my sister. The same night I was elected Miss Vulcano and a few weeks later I became “Miss Italia”. After the election, my mother brought me back to Catania to continue my high school and complete my studies in humanities. Needless to say, it was an animated period during which I was inundated with proposals for work from Rome. Going back to school was not easy, curiosity and prejudice from other students were hard, it seemed I had been rude towards my home town, but I was a confident and proud girl. I didn’t feel guilty for something that I really didn’t care about. A year later, thanks to my Miss Italia popularity, I started to work on the catwalk for the most famous Italian stylists. In 1982 I met a young musician, Claudio Simonetti, and I got married. Rome became my new home. At first, I felt confused, then I began to love its bright immensity, losing myself in the beauty of its past and holding my breath in front of one of the thousands of ochre Roman sunsets. After a few years, my marriage began to falter and later ended. My new life as a single started in the “Eternal City”. One evening, during a dinner with a friend, who dreamt of becoming a director and used to wash his hair with soap, my professional life once again changed completely. His name was Peppuccio Tornatore and he put forward a question to me: “Anna, your eyes show the vivacity and the mutability typical of all great actors and actresses, with those speckles why don’t you try acting?”. I was not so confident as he was but I followed his advice and I made a black and white photo session and I agreed to meet an agent suggested by Peppuccio. Gigi Magni was the first director to rest his eyes on my dark and Mediterranean face and summoned me for an audition. I was pervaded by the strange fever that runs in the veins of all actors and from then I started my journey as an actress and since then I have never stopped.


Writing gives me entry into a new dimension. I’ve arrived at the peak of my career as an actress. I lay my hands on a biography of George Sand during a break between the filming of two fictions. In the pages of that book, I meet the French writer’s last lover: Alexandre Manceau, and I fall in love with him. I start a manuscript completely unaware. Once written, I have it reviewed by two writer friends. The answer is flattering. Their advice: find a publisher. I recall my emotion when I held my first “paper baby” in my hands. At that moment, I broke away from my previous professional career. Today, I am a screenwriter, actress, and filmmaker of my “babies”. I don’t rely on anyone. I’m free.